Our Mission

Get REAL in Christ is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) ministry supporting girls in grades 2-12 through Christ-centered asset-building programming where girls are encouraged to be real and learn to process through challenging situations, focus on character and social development, and ultimately mature into servant leaders and role models within their community. Get REAL in Christ transcends culture, economic levels, church denominations and works to partners with parents, churches, and communities as we all work to develop the next generation of women.

Get Real in Christ exists to . . .


by life lessons, testimonies and godly examples of women and strong Christian girls who are striving to live lives that give glory and honor to God


to apply biblical truths to everyday situations


to put their God-given talents into action and serve as positive role models

Our programs encourage the girls to be . . .

Relevant – Relational – Real

Our Motto



Get REAL inC provides a safe place where girls spend time with positive role models building healthy social connections, sharing their challenges and focusing on positive solutions. Our programs have been designed to meet the girls where they are in life because . . .

“It’s easier to build a strong girl
than to repair a broken woman.”

Why Get Real?

There are great mentoring programs in today’s world but if the mentoring program is not sharing Jesus they are simply for today, not eternity. Get REAL in Christ is founded on the Word of God and is committed to helping girls have a living faith that will make a difference in their earthly and eternal existence.

“The influences and pressures of being a teen can be overwhelming and consuming. A girl finds herself needing to talk to someone who has been there, done that and survived. Someone that she can look up to and trust whenever she needs advice or just someone to listen. Get REAL inC connects teens with God loving & honoring women and peers within a community who are willing to be transparent about their own trials and struggles and be a trusted person to go to when in need of help.”

Founder, Katie Wolfe

What makes Get REAL in Christ different from other ministries?

  • We are a “Girls Only” group without the distraction of boys (Sorry, guys!).
  • We are about relationships. We aspire to help girls know that God is not just a “giver of rules.” He wants to be at the center of their daily lives.
  • We intentionally infuse the Word of God – to become a part of hearts, minds, and lives – into our programs, events and resources.
  • We hold local events with women and teen girl speakers, musicians, and volunteers from the local community. Because the speakers are typically from the community, they are uniquely positioned to come alongside their own Get REAL girls.
  • We are REAL! All subjects are open for discussion. We don’t tiptoe around worldly topics, but we discuss them always in the context of the Word of God.
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