Save the Drama for the Stage is a Christian Creative Arts Day Camp for middle school girls, which: Encourages them through life testimonies & mentors to identify drama & explore God-given talents, Equips them with biblical truths to apply to everyday situations & opportunities to try different arts, Empowers them to use their God given gifts and talents in their homes, schools, community and world as they take a stand and live for an audience of One.

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DRAMA: Something too many girls deal with everyday.

So, what would life look like if we SAVED THE DRAMA FOR THE STAGE?!

Save the Drama for the Stage is a Christian camp for middle school girls which encourages them to live a life to glorify God and use their talented lives wisely. Save the Drama for the Stage a FREE one-week faith-based day camp for girls going into in grades 5th-8th. Our camp ends with a final showcase/open house for family & community on Friday. Morning sessions are filled with music, speakers, friend building activities, and talk time.


In the afternoon, girls take 2 classes of their choice:


  • Acting
  • Acting (IMPROV)
  • Art
  • Cake Decorating
  • Cupcake Wars
  • Creating the Look: Cosmetology
  • Dance (Modern)
  • Dance (Ballet)
  • DIY
  • Jump Starting Your Heart
  • Photography
  • Set to Serve: Volleyball Clinic
  • Sewing
  • Singing
  • Stomp

Teachers: Rachel Sigler & Amie Westfall
Find out how to put the drama on the stage instead of the halls.  In this class, you will learn acting tips, techniques and learn a skit to perform at the Friday night showcase. *Must be present for the Showcase, so please consider your commitment level.

Acting (IMPROV)

Teacher: Karla Janning

Ever in a situation and wish you could lighten the mood with some on the spot humor?  Or do you like to act but hate to memorize lines?  Well, the improv class is for you!  We will learn improv techniques and even learn that you can use those techniques when met with difficult situations. We will do an improv for the showcase so you will need to be available that evening. We may even involve some audience members. I am super excited to be teaching this NEW class.


Teacher: Leisa Burgin

We’ll work with acrylic paints, enamels, as well as some drawing techniques. We will use different items to create awesome works of art and crafts. Leisa will introduce the class to different mediums and fun techniques throughout the week.

Cake Decorating

Teacher: Megan Mutnansky

Campers will learn how to mix, bake, and ice cakes. They will also learn how to make and color icing. They will be taught to create different icing designs that will help them be able to artistically express themselves on cakes that they made.

Cupcake Wars

Teacher: Seth Borgeling
You’ve heard the saying ‘kill them with kindness?” What better way to do this than through a Cupcake War? Girls will learn the basics of baking. They’ll also come up with a display for the theme ‘Save the Drama for the Stage’, bake and decorate cookies that will be set up in the display for the final night and the enjoyed.

Creating the Look
Every day you are on the stage of life. God created only one you, for his specific plan and purpose. Learn about the REAL #selfie and have fun being a REAL Girl. Yes! That means we will do the latest and coolest hairstyles, nails, makeup for the stage and more.
Dance (Ballet)
Teacher: The Children’s Ballet
Discovering Ballet–dancers are introduced to ballet positions, techniques, and terminology through lessons which match their physical development and build strength, agility, and grace.Dance (Modern) 
Teacher: Shay Petree 
In this class you will learn basic dance techniques along with compiling individual talent & abilities to create a piece for the showcase.
Teacher: Tonya Militello
In this class, you will do it yourself Pinterest style! Come learn how to make beauty supplies crafts and so much more!
Jump Start Your Heart

Teacher: Becky Halon & Jacey Karius

Becky Halon Registered Nurse Educator and Heart Disease Survivor and Jacey Karius Avon Aerial Jump Rope Team Co- Captain will teach Jump Rope skills. We all know Jump roping gets your heart pumping and we will teach CPR a way to also pump your heart. By the end of the week, girls will feel comfortable knowing how to respond in an emergency, provide hands-only CPR, use an AED and pick up new Jump Rope Skills!


Teacher: Loree Wheeler
Session 1 (beginners) Learn how to take better pictures with your point and shoot or SLR camera. This class will focus on camera settings, tips for taking better pictures, lighting, posing, and composition. We will also create a style board and talk about finding inspiration for your photos. God is at the center of why Lori is passionate about photography. Come see photography through His lens and learn how you can glorify Him in your love for photography!!! Girls need to bring their own camera. SLR camera preferred. NO PHONE CAMERAS.

Session 2 (advanced) Previous experience required plus DSLR camera.

Set to Serve: Volleyball Clinic
Teacher: Chasity Parks
This volleyball clinic will include two days of skill instruction including passing, serving, setting and attacking along with a 1000 workout day and a day on healthy living and eating.

Teacher: Julie Pichon
Get an introduction to needle and thread through machine sewing by making a service project and one just for fun. Machines and supplies will be provided.


Teacher: Jenny Trent
Sing to the Lord a new song for He has done marvelous things! Girls will use their voices to praise the Lord instead of bringing others down. While working on developing their voices, the girls will prepare a song or two to be sung at the showcase. *Must be present for the Showcase, so please consider your commitment level.

Stomp/Creative Music

Teacher: Kelly Utley

Use everyday items to create a symphony of pure rhythm with your classmates!

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