7th – 8th Grade Group!

Meets every Monday from 6 – 8 pm at Get REAL inC 

Mentors: Danika Hoistion, Lisa Dupire, Chloe Firebaugh & Lydia Edwards

REAL Sisters:  7th – 8th Grades, meets every Monday from 6 pm – 8 pm
In middle school, girls are deepening their friendships and creating sisterhoods. They begin to grasp the idea that all Christian girls are sisters in Christ and, regardless of differences, have a special bond that draws them together. They also begin realizing that there are many who are not part of the ‘family of Christ’ and that they have a responsibility toward growing that family by sharing the Gospel. REAL Sisters focuses on the individual and collective body of Christ.

All girls are welcome to come any time! Groups are donation based.
Parents will need to complete a registration form at the girl’s first meeting.

Dates are based off of the Avon School Corporation calendar. We do not meet during school breaks.

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