The Start of Get REAL inC

The REALity officially began Sept. 23 2006. Hear it from the founder, Katie Wolfe:

“Driving home from a national event for teen girls in 2006, the teen I had taken was on that “mountaintop” and told me she knew as soon as she returned home she would come down from it and it would be just like any other event – a memory. BUT, she went on to say that she and other teen girls wanted and needed more. They needed intentional follow-up/mentoring after such event to help keep the close to that mountaintop and sustain them. She said it was great to hear a testimony from someone famous to know famous people are real but in all reality she couldn’t call that person for advice and encouragement on a regular basis. “Girls need to hear testimonies from women they can go to for help when they are facing similar issues; the women in their churches & community.” She thought that other women should be doing for other girls what I was doing with her – encouraging her through everyday life, as a mentor.The interesting part is that this girl comes from a strong Christian home, plugged in at church & her youth group and has a great relationship with her mother, but still feels she needs that “outside” input. (Her mom, it’s worth noting, is thankful that I am saying the same things she is; I am backing her up.) She thought the event was great but she thought local girls and women had a voice that needed to be shared at such a event and she didn’t think things should stop with the event, there needed to be follow-up.

Being a teacher whose job was to find the strengths & talents of my students and show then them how to put those into action, not only did her statement grab my heart but it also grabbed my trained skills. 🙂

So, we came back to our local church and held our first event, Get REAL, with women and teens of our church as the speakers & musicians. This event was a catalyst for mentoring relationships between our women and teens. It wasn’t long before we felt the call to affect our whole region. So, Get REAL inC stepped outside of the church walls and held its 4th event at a local conference center, pulling together women and teens from various churches and schools throughout the whole region. This event spawned the formation of more Get REAL inC branches. We came to the powerful realization that by stepping forward in faith, we had the potential to impact the world. We wanted to share with other women and teen girls how they could be making a REAL difference in their lives & communities as well.”