“Yesterday was amazing!!!! It was my first time ever going to a Get REAL event and I was impressed. From the music to the awesome Wii fun, it was life changing. Wow………beyond amazing. – Teen Girl

“Get REAL inC is a way for you to share your heart and show how you feel no matter what.  No one will ever judge you. You will only be welcomed in with open arms and hearts.” – Teen Girl

“I heard about Get REAL last week on the radio and it was GOD sent!  My daughter is in 6th grade and had just starting having problems with peer pressure etc.  We attended the event Sat night with some friends and IT WAS AMAZING AND IMPACTFUL!!”

“My daughter attended the event in Danville, Indiana and loved it! It was a very powerful evening for her and I know that her walk wtih Christ is stronger.”

“Get REAL inC served as a catalyst to genuine mentoring relationships among girls and women in our ministry. Get REAL inC exposes the heart of some of the deepest hurts that exist for a teenage girl, and points them to the eternal answer to that hurt.”
– Scott Ancarrow, Revolution 

Comments from attendees at a Get REAL & B SMRT event:

  • “I loved being myself and having fun.”
  • “I feel like I NEED a relationship with Christ now.”
  • “I loved the singing and also how the girls said stuff about their past.”
  • “I learned that true beauty comes from the Bible.”
  • “I learned that Jesus is always there for me no matter what happens.”
  • “I loved when I went with my friend and a counselor to the prayer room and talked.”
  • “I learned that I do have people I can talk to and that I’m not alone.”
  • “I started to be repaired.”
  • “I am loved and people do care.”
  • “I want to say thank you for everything!  I know it was meant for my girls to be here and hear all you shared.”

“When everything else in my life is crashing down Get REAL inC has given me a safe place and a successful boost towards my REAL Prince, Jesus Christ.” – Kayla Randall, REAL Girl

“I can’t imagine my life without Get REAL inC. I treasure my moments with the teens.  What beautiful young women!  My hope is that I can make a difference in the lives of these young women by being REAL and sharing my hard earned wisdom with them.  You know, living life with them.”          – Michele Patrick, REAL Mentor


“We need to know how to teach these girls, and we are the ones they will be seeing all the time. You are doing exactly what God has planned for you. You are going around, showing us women in the church how to put together a great event. Our girls need to know that we are or have struggled with the same things they are. That’s a way to really connect with these girls and that is what we need to do, those girls won’t come to us if they don’t know us. I am ready to really connect with these girls, so when they do have problems and don’t know how to handle it, they will come to us. That is my goal, to let them know that I really do care,about their whole life and everything in it and I am always here for them. This is really important to me, this is just not an event, this is a true bonding and forming relationship event that will carry these girls on forever. That is where my heart is, and there is going to be quite a few new girls, so I am super excited. Thank you for all your hard work and being such a blessing in my life. Meeting you and your team was a true blessing from God and I cherish our friendship.” – REAL Mentor