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Living in today’s digital world can be a blessing and a curse. Technology is meant to be a useful tool but is quickly becoming a dangerous weapon. That is why we at Get REAL inC have partnered with teens Garrett Godsey and Jarryd Stefanik to create a music video to Garrett’s original song, “Digital Demon” which debuted at GET REAL & B SMRT in Indy. It is now being utilized in schools and youth groups across the world by teachers and teens.

Will you join us in sharing the message of hope and an awareness?

Get your copy to present to your peers or contact us to come make the presentation. Together, we do make a difference.

 We want to reach out to teens who may have already made a regrettable choice when it comes to technology and give them hope, teach how critical it is on how others respond to this and raise an awareness of consequences that can happen when you don’t “Pend B 4 U Send!”


This video project is for the fight for REAL life and memory of Hope Witsell and Jessie Logan

Get your copy of Digital Demon today!

This video comes with a 40 minute interactive discussion guide and addresses:
Sexting | Cyber Bullying | Peer Pressure
Depression | Consequences | Friendship
and Hope in a REAL way!

The video project and discussion guide was a collaborative project lead by teens with the help of educators,
parents and people who have experienced first hand the effects of sexting, bulling and loss.


Download your Digital Demon resources here!

 Digital Demon School Lesson Plan

Digital Demon Faith Based Discussion Cards


The Digital Demon” Music Video Project

Local teens take on ‘sexting’ with video
Participants in the Get REAL inC music video shoot a scene Tuesday in the cafeteria of Avon Middle School South. They are (from left) Director Jarryd Stefanik (left), Director of Photography Drew Varvel, and Alee Hatfield (right). Charlee Beasor/Flyer Photo
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