God's NetworkHave you ever felt like you offended people by what you posted on social media? Jesus offended many people but continued on with His mission. This book will encourage you to post for Who you believe in, even if you are the only one posting for His glory. If God’s Network could have a translated version of the verse Romans 12:2, it would read, “Do not conform to social media but be transformed by reading this book, in order that you may gain knowledge on how to renew not only your News Feed but your entire life, so that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God to yourself and others.”


God’s Network is a 21-day devotional that will challenge you to be the representative of Christ God has called you to be, and to find your true identity in Christ, not in social media feedback. You will not only be encouraged to honor God on your social media profile(s) but in every area of your life. So my REAL Sister, are you ready to sign-up for your new profile on God’s Network?

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About the Author

Kayla BerlingKayla Berling is a young woman who believes that God has bigger dreams for individuals than they have for themselves. With that belief and God’s leading, she knows that she was put here on earth to be God’s voice to this generation. She wants to promote His treasured truth, and she strives to voice His love because it never fails to be like a magnet that will continually pull you in. She encourages all to be the person God created them to be. We were all individually made YOU-nique on purpose, for a purpose. Her heart’s cry is for all to have a relationship with Jesus and to live the abundant life that Christ died for them to have (John 10:10a). In her free time she enjoys reading, serving others, fitness, photography, and going through whatever new doors the Lord has opened for her.