Why Start a Get REAL Group

What Girls Need: (their definition of a mentor)  

  • “A real friend:  always honest and always pulling me in the right direction.”
  • “She’s always there for me when I need her!”
  • “A person who will love me for me, but will always encourage me to be better.”
  • “I really need someone who will listen and won’t judge me based on my mistakes.”
  • “I want somebody who will give me biblical advice and not just personal opinion.”
  • “Someone who will take time to ask REAL questions, and who really cares to hear my answers.”
  • “I really love the surprise messages like texts, facebook posts, cards in the mail, etc.  It’s just nice to know that someone is thinking of me.”
  • “Someone who cares and makes me feel wanted, because sometimes I feel really alone.”
  • “I think a great mentor is someone who keeps me accountable.  She’s not afraid to call me out (in love J), and her life reflects a great example for me to follow.”
  • “Girls our age really need someone just to be straight forward with us.  We might not necessarily want it, but we need it.  We need to hear the truth, no sugar-coating it, just the hard honest truth.  That is what really gets through to us.”

Why Women Start a Get REAL Group . . .

  • “I wish I had had something like this when I was young.”
  • “I really wanted something that my daughter and I could do together.”
  • “We wanted to bridge the gap between women’s ministry and girls’ ministry.”
  • “I was tired of complaining about the next generation.  It was time for me to do something about it!”
  • “Girls today need women to come around them to encourage and support them.”
  • “The Bible tells me that I am supposed to mentor/disciple the next generation – Titus 2.”
  • “Because I care what’s going on in their lives and want to help.”

Why Girls* Start a Get REAL Group . . .

  • “I wanted to do something to help everyone feel loved and accepted.”
  • “I wanted to start a Bible club in my school.”
  • “I wanted to let other girls know that they aren’t alone.”
  • “I did it for a lot of reasons:  to make new friends, to reach the lost, to do good things together – like stuff around our community, and to have fun.”
  • “My mom and I thought that we should do something together that would help other girls.”

*Girls must have an adult mentor involved