Who Can Start a Get REAL Group 

A Get REAL Groups can be started and led by a woman or a girl (with adult supervision) A REAL Leader is a woman or girl who reflects Christ in her life, and is therefore a REAL role model.  She shows how to “do” life through her actions, advice, wisdom, life choices, and service to others.  A REAL Leader helps encourage, equip and empower girls to Get Respected, Educated, Able and Loyal in Christ.  A REAL Leader is a Mentor!

*Girls under 18 years of age must have an adult mentor present at all meetings and that mentor must complete a Mentor Registration Form during the Get REAL inC group registration process.   

REAL Leaders have three important qualities:

1. A Heart for God

2. A Heart for Girls

3. Relational Skills

            *taken from “REAL Mentoring Handbook” (a training tool available to registered Get REAL groups)

A REAL Leader commits to:

  • Abide by the values, principles, and guidelines set forth in the Get REAL inC Handbook
  • Lead monthly REALity Check meetings for at least one year
  • Pray with and for her girls
  • Actively pursue her own relationship with Christ
  • Be a positive, encouraging, Christian role model; having the words of her lips and meditation  of her heart be pleasing in His sight
  • Keep conversations confidential UNLESS there is a risk of physical harm
  • Handle conflict and disagreements in a biblical manner, using Matthew 18:15-17 as her template.