Get REAL inC Group Guidelines           

* Get REAL inC groups are for girls and women only. Each group is their own individual legal entity, separate and apart from Get REAL inC, and are given a limited authority to use the name, logo, and materials of the organization. Get REAL inC assumes no legal responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken by any Get REAL inC group.

* Each group is responsible for checking the backgrounds of all adults involved. A criminal background check must be done on each adult involved with your Get REAL inC group. Background check results should be kept on file in a secure location.

* Leaders must be good examples in all areas including speech, dress, and efforts to live in a manner consistent with biblical principles. Church participation is strongly encouraged.

* All political statements or causes, personal business invitations, or agendas not related to the Get REAL inC mission and principles are strictly prohibited at any gathering in the name of Get REAL inC and within any printed or written materials representing your group or our organization.

* All group and individual information provided to Get REAL inC must be well protected and kept private. Personal information, whether electronic or physical, will never be made public and will be used for Get REAL inC ministry purposes only.

* Concerns or questions regarding anything related to Get REAL inC should be taken directly to Get REAL inC staff or board members.

* Unless federal or state law requires it (as in cases of child abuse or other endangerment), all group discussions (including prayer requests) are to be held in confidence. Gossip and negative conversation about others, whether present or not, is strictly prohibited and must not be tolerated.

* Obey local laws, including the reporting of child abuse, suicide threat, statutory rape, etc., to authorities.

* Unauthorized use of the Get REAL inC name or logo is strictly prohibited. They are the trademarks of the ministry, and their use requires the express written permission of Get REAL inC.

* Get REAL inC reserves the right to review the use of its name, logo, or materials by any group or individual granted the authority to use it, and may, at any time choose to revoke such privileges.

* All Get REAL inC groups agree to adhere to the Get REAL inC Handbook, Statement of Faith, values, policies, guidelines, additional guidelines approved by the Get REAL inC board of directors, or other principles set forth in the Get REAL inC materials.

Any deviation from said guidelines will be grounds for immediate withdrawal of the right to access the private sectors of Get REAL inC online media and the right to use the logo, name, or materials of Get REAL inC.