Girls and Women across the world are getting REAL in Christ!

Living in today’s world can be rough, especially for girls. Just ask one of them (or their parents)! We  saw their need, heard their voices, and we committed to the development and implementation of the Get REAL program. As others saw impact of the program they began asking how they could do this with girls in their communities.

Is it time for you to join with us and start a Get REAL inC Group in your town?

 Get REAL Groups meet each month in different CITIES, STATES and COUNTRIES!

What is a Get REAL Group?

A Get REAL Group consists of a leader or leaders (adult or a minor with adult supervision) and girls of similar age (Grades 1-4, Grades 5-8, Grades 9-12) who meet in various locations (church, home, school, library, community center, other).  Groups can be led within a church as a girls’ ministry, as an outreach ministry, as a club in a school or simply in a home.

A Get REAL Group is a group of women and girls who ‘do life together’ and meet at least once a month in a gathering called a REALity Check. A Reality Check is a time for girls and women to connect and take on the issues girls are facing today from a Biblical perspective, thus creating organic multigenerational and peer-mentoring relationships.  Get REAL inC provides you with the resources needed to host these monthly meetings.

There are several different ways to approach your REALity Check.  We encourage you to use the one that best fits your group:

  • Use a pre-written REALity Check (provided to groups on our website)
  • Create your own REALity Check with the template provided on the website
  • Invite a guest speaker.  Usually they provide the ‘Encourage’, ‘Examine’, and ‘Equip’ portions of the night.  You can provide them with a Guest Speaker Letter & Talk Outline to help them prepare.

Are you a WOMAN who wants to come alongside teen girls and encourage, equip and empower them to be Respected, Educate, Able and Loyal?

Are you a TEEN or COLLEGE AGED YOUNG WOMAN who wants to stand strong in this world and share the REALity of Christ with others?

Start your own REAL Group!

If you are interested in starting a REAL Group in your area or becoming a REAL mentor, contact us for more information.