This powerful event meets people where they are in life and walks them to the cross – through God’s word, life testimonies, videos, and music.  Each speaker’s story reaches a different demographic as they build on one another, moving from searching for purpose, through conversion, to all out boldly standing and being active for God’s glory – From God’s UNSTOPPABLE pursuit of us to our UNSTOPPABLE pursuit of Him as His UNSTOPPABLE plan unfolds before our eyes!  The attendees leave on fire to tell the world of His mighty acts.     

Event includes:

  • Speakers – Clayton Jennings, Brianna Caprice, Blake Whiteley
  • Full band worship
  • Concert performances by Blake Whiteley & Brianna Caprice
  • Powerful Videos
  • Spoken Word

Clayton Jennings – Evangelist, Author, Spoken Word Artist

Brianna Caprice – Contemporary Christian Artist, Speaker, Worship Leader

Blake Whiteley – Hip Hop Artist, Speaker

Our speakers collectively have close to a MILLION followers on social media. They’re speaking truth to people all over the world because they’ve found a REAL relationship with Christ. Together, they’re UNSTOPPABLE in their efforts to reach the world with REAL life-changing and world-saving TRUTH.


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BOOKING Email: Events@GetREALinC.org