Unbreakable Logo

Sometimes it’s hard to be different and stand up against the resistance. It’s easier to walk the in-crowd and be the one to keep your head down. But, get ready to…. go out and do the impossible! Go out and shake the unshakable. Cause you can be unstoppable. UNBREAKABLE. Yes, you can!!

UNBREAKABLE is an afternoon clinic event being presented by Get REAL inC for girls in grades 4-8 with high school girls as mentors.

Girls will participate in singing, dancing, and creating artistic masterpieces! Clinics will include artistic instruction as well as powerful, relevant messages by the instructors.


1) Recording Artist Brianna Caprice – Brianna will teach the girls to sing the song “Unbreakable” and explain why she wrote the song and the message behind it. (Girls will sing with Brianna in the final program)

2) Former Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Sharlotte Whiteley. – Sharlotte will teach the girls a dance to “Daydream,” share her testimony and discuss the meaning of the song. (Girls will dance in the final program. note: dance will be appropriate)

3) Creating word-art to depict the song “Until I Knew You”. (These pictures will create a video presentation during the performance of the song)