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We at Get REAL inC believe inTENtional and consisTENt encouragement can brighTEN the world, starting with our community! As we celebrate 10 years of Get REAL inC in Hendricks County, we are challenging others to inTENtionally brighTEN the lives of others. We believe that an inTENtional, kind and courteous gesture can make a REAL big difference. Choose to sweeTEN the community with us!

be intentional

[Leave a special, personalized note for your family member, neighbor, classmate, coworker, cashier at the grocery, or someone you don’t know!] 

                                                Join the Movement

If you’re here because someone inTENtionally brighTENed your day, we hope you were encouraged by the note left for you. We would love to hear how it impacted you! Please take a few moments to share your story


To BrighTEN Your Day Post-Its:
We encourage you to join us in brighTENing the community! Post-Its are sold in bundles of 11 for $10. We would love for you to give 10 of those to people who you’d like to also participate in the inTENtional fun! The 11th is for you to leave notes for others. Stop by Get REAL inC to get yours!

$20 a month

10 YEARS of Get REAL inC! 🎊🎉🎂10 inTENtional years of coming alongside others in the love & name of Christ. 10 years of meeting girls, learning their hearts, and walking through life alongside them. 10 years of working to become REAL, stay REAL, and encourage, equip and empower REAL Girls in Christ! 💗