We Encourage, Equip, and Empower:

Encourage the lost by giving them Hope of a future of peace and joy

Encourage the lost into a relationship with Christ by loving them right where they are

Encourage the ‘new in Christ’ into a closer relationship with Christ

Encourage the ‘led by Christ’ to be bold in sharing their grace/mercy with others

Encourage all to make wise decisions by loving them right where they are, walking alongside them through life, and encouraging them to fear God more than man

Encourage all to find who they are in Christ – (ie.  “Know who you are or others will define you.”)


Equip the lost with the answers to their questions through God’s Word

Equip the lost with opportunities to meet ‘Christ’ in a safe/loving environment

Equip all to stand against worldly temptations by filling them with God’s Word

Equip all with mentors to walk life with them and to be available as needed

Equip all with opportunities to establish godly friends and accountability partners

Equip all with REAL answers to REAL life situations that they are facing right now

Equip all with God’s Word

Equip the ‘led by Christ’ with resources to deepen their knowledge and confidence in sharing Christ with others


Empower all to say ‘no’ to worldly temptations & ‘yes’ to God’s will for their lives

Empower the ‘led by Christ’ to Encourage and Equip others (as listed above)

Empower the ‘led by Christ’ to be who they were created to be in Christ – (i.e. – the old is gone. the new is come)