Gather your teen girls and women to provide an evening that will equip girls for “battle” against the secular worldview as you confront real life topics head on.

This event opposes the secular worldview by:

  • Encouraging girls to be a Survivor – not a victim
  • Equipping girls to battle their temptations
  • Empowering girls to be godly women when Facing Issues Girls Have Today . . .
    (friendships, boys, drama, conflict, identity crisis, eating disorders, depression, doubts)

By hitting these hard topics through skits, videos, demonstrations, live music, and adult & teen speakers, teens will find themselves facing these issues in a safe, non-threatening environment.

From an adult attendee who now co-leads a Get REAL inC group:

“When I attended FIGHT for the first time, I knew sitting in the audience with my daughter the power of what I was seeing.  My daughter has grown up in church since she was born, my father is a minister and she was so moved that night she recommitted herself to God.  I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart to bring this program to the girls in my community.  I didn’t know who to see or how to get this started in my community.  I wanted to leave with some kind of packet that I could take back to my church and show the leaders.”