Brianna Caprice Patrick:

14 year old Brianna Caprice Patrick uses her God-given talents by serving as the youth worship leader of Get REAL inC, Hendricks County and serves as an Advisor on Get REAL inC’s national Board of Directors.  She has also become one of the primary teen spokespersons for the organization, speaking at teen conferences, in school systems and churches, to grants committees, and on the radio.

Having joined Get REAL in the 7th grade, Brianna immediately went about doing the Lord’s work by serving in any capacity needed, many of which stretched her beyond her comfort zone.  However, once encouraged, equipped and empowered by the adult leaders of Get REAL, Brianna has bloomed into a powerful, godly young woman making great strides to affect the world around her.

Saved at an early age, Brianna has always exhibited a sweet spirit for others and a willingness to seek and obey Christ.  Not to insinuate that she isn’t tempted by the same things that tempt all young teenage girls.  The one thing that really sets Brianna apart from the world is her willingness to listen to counsel and to make changes as they are needed.  She really does crave to honor God with her life.

“God has given me the gift of music, singing and songwriting, as a tool in which to affect the world.  I plan to use it for His glory,” Brianna relates.  “I am currently working on my first album.  So far, the songs are written primary to reach the lost, the seeking and the new, struggling Christian.  My heart aches when I see people floundering through life lost and confused, angry and bitter, because I know that all they need is a relationship with Jesus to give them hope and peace.”    Brianna Caprice

Denise Grimes REAL Worship Leader:

Busy with Higher Ground, the Grimes’ Christian family ministry, Denise shares her REAL talent to lead the REAL All Female Worship Team.







Detective Sergeant Jennifer Pyatt:

Employed by the Brownsburg Police Department in Brownsburg, Indiana, as a Law Enforcement Officer.  Jennifer is  currently the Division Commander of the Special Investigations Division for the Brownsburg Police Department with the rank of Sergeant.  She specializes in the investigation of Crimes Against Women and Children.  Jennifer will not be speaking as Detective Sergeant at the FIGHT event but as a REAL Women, sharing her personal testimony.
|Sarah Wood
Sarah is 23 years young and new to GetRealinC, but by no mistake!  She has endured quite a journey, and after many years of searching, pain, and confusion, by Grace and Grace alone she made her way back to the Light and has lived to tell about it!  After realizing the reality of what she had been through, dying to her old self, and becoming a new creation, she realized Christ is REAL, and Christ wanted her to live, but not just live, live a life devoted to sharing what she has been through with others, so they too can know the truth and love that God has for us, and that we should have for ourselves.  After making the decision that there was no turning back, and that she would live her life for God’s glory, Sarah prayed for an opportunity to serve through a ministry devoted to helping young and young adult girls.  She then had a Divine appointment with Katie Wolfe, who asked her to be a part of GetRealinC!  Sarah is passionate about nature, and the way that God shows imagination, power and creativity through all of creation.  “There is so much that God can teach us about ourselves and God by observing what has been created around us, if we just go stand quietly in the woods somewhere!”   She loves to worship through spending time outdoors; hiking, biking, climbing, camping, you name it!  She is passionate about the environment and animals.  “God gave us this planet to tend to!  You can hug trees and still love God!!!”  Sarah is a runner and loves to be active, and also loves painting and creating art, music, playing the saxophone, writing and singing.  She will be sharing her own REAL life testimony at the F.I.G.H.T. event, educating everyone on why it is vital not to conform to the ways of the world, but to be who God can empower you to be through Christ.“You know how sometimes you get really busy with life and you forget all about that flower sitting in the corner of your house?  And then one day you walk by, it is brown, wilting, and you realize no one has watered it or opened the blinds to let the sun shine on it in awhile?  It looks like it could just be tossed out back, but then you water it, pull it over to the light, and let it feel the warmth.   In what seems like in no time, that withering plant is now blooming with bright beautiful flowers!  It just couldn’t drag itself over to the light, it needed you to acknowledge it, love and care for it!  As a part of GetRealinC, and part of God’s crew, I am ready to do that for these girls, and for anyone who needs it! I am ready to shine some Sonshine and teach these girls how to bloom into the beautiful flowers God created them to be!”


Kelley Utley:
Kelley Utley, also known as “sarge” to those that know her, is a 43 year old mother of two teenagers.  She has been married to Ted Utley for more than 22 years, and still smiles when he walks through the door!  She and her family have been active members of Northview Christian Church since November 2000, and all four them are heavily involved in various ministries.  Kelley, herself, is a drummer in the church’s worship band, but fills in on bass guitar every once in a while.  She also has her own photography ministry, proving digital pictures to families that just can’t manage the hundreds of dollars for quality photos commercially.  Kelley is known more by “sarge” to the hundreds of kids that she has been a senior counselor to (a bit like a drill sergeant) at the Indiana National Guard Youth Camp for the last 7 years.  This is a camp for 9-14 year old children of the Indiana Guard’s soldiers.  They are divided up into 50 member platoons, and proceed to have a blast doing many of the things their parents do in the Army – marching, rock climbing, repelling, shooting, archery and much more.
Kelley and her husband, Ted, both served on active duty with the US Army, and both have now retired after 23 and 25 years of service, respectively.  Ted has moved on to a full time civilian job as a human resources manager, and Kelley stays at home to home school their son and provide daycare to a friend’s precious little boy.

Sarge and her daughter, Taylor, were involved in the very first Get REAL inC event, and one or the other has been involved ever since.  Taylor was one of the teen speakers at last years event, speaking in Indiana, Ohio and the Bahamas.  This year Taylor (a senior in high school) launched the first Get REAL inC for middle schoolers, and after mentoring one of the girls, was invited to the girl’s baptism after only the second meeting!

Sarge will serve as the drummer for the Get REAL inC band once again this year, and will also be speaking.  The title of her talk is “Who Am I” and will concentrate on identifying your place in the Body of Christ through your gifts and interests, and not letting other people define who you are.

Donna Hooper is a member of Bethesda Baptist Church where she is a leader in the Youth and College ministries. She has 4 grown children and 12 grandchildren. She is a Special Deputy for the MCSD and is employed by St. Vincent Health as a security officer.  She has been doing Karate for Christ for over 30 years.  She has done this ministry all over the United States as well as Brazil and Northern Ireland.

Michele Patrick:
Saved by the blood of Christ and only through His mercy and grace – and blessed wife and mother of two teenagers, will be speaking on Conflict Resolution (or more accurately labeled as REAL Relationships).  She will be contrasting the worldviews on personal relationships – Biblical worldview vs. current media/societal training.  “Why do we argue and fight?”; “How should be handle frustrations?”; “Eliminating the drama.”