REAL Girls Mentoring Groups: Offered at various scheduled dates and times, click to see more
Groups are available to any girl in grades 2nd – 12th grade free of charge. Groups have been designed to meet the girls where they are in life – developmentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially – and walk them toward maturity through biblical, multi-generational mentoring. Learn more about our groups!

REAL Voices: Offered at various scheduled dates and times
Girls are given the opportunity to use their musical talents to authentically worship and glorify God.

REAL Women Studies & Activities: Offered at various scheduled dates and times
Women are encouraged to unite with other women and study God’s word together.

REAL Special Events: Offered at various scheduled dates and times
People of the community are invited to encounter the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ through special events.

REAL Special Activities: Offered at various scheduled dates and times
Girls and their families and friends are encouraged to spend time together in God honoring activities.

Save the Drama for the Stage Creative Arts Camp: A one week summer day camp
Offered to middle school girls with high school girls as their mentors, Camp empowers girls to use their God given gifts and talents in their homes, schools, community and world as they take a stand and live for an audience of One.