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It’s time! It’s time to make girls ministry a priority and partnership with women’s ministry. Many times we women build our houses and get too busy to walk out on our front porch and come down the steps to meet girls where they are and walk their paths  with them. (Something I personally have been guilty of.) In Titus 2 women are called to mentor. Women need to share life lessons and stories because “Your past could potentially save someone’s future through the grace, love & hope of Jesus.” And not from just telling someone about your experience but coming alongside them in their walk of life through biblical mentoring.

After saying too many times “Why didn’t someone tell me …..” I realized that we need to talk about tough issues to help girls navigate their way through them instead of having to learn the hard way.

My REAL desire is to come alongside women & teens to encourage, equip, and empower them to use their lives and stories for God’s glory.

So, drop me an email: Katie@getrealinc.org and let’s chat.

As REAL as it is:

Scars are significant in my story.  Some are seen;  others are deeper and sear the soul.  But, all are used  by God as I share His grace in my life.

When I was in first grade, I got my foot wrapped  around the cord of an industrial coffee maker.  The  hot liquid caused 3rd degree burns on fifty percent of  my right leg, requiring many doctor visits and  hospitalization.  In preparation for the final step of  healing of my leg through skin graphs, I remember  the agony and severe pain as the nurse would rip the  gauze along with the dead skin off my leg each hour the night before my surgery.  As a child, I couldn’t understand how getting my burns cleansed and scraped until my leg was raw could be healing in the long run. But the process was very necessary.

Later in life, I went through the same thing with the invisible scars that were deep within. As I went through the heartache of learning that other people, degrees, professions, businesses and even “doing good,” were not satisfying in the way I’d hoped, I felt scar after scar become part of my being.  As I lived in regret with some of my choices, I finally realized that God wanted to deal with all of it.  I couldn’t hide any of the ugly things; He wanted the whole of my past and my willingness to be raw before Him, while trusting Him to make it beautiful.

And He has. My life verse (Isaiah 58:11) reflects His work in me: “And the LORD will continually guide you, and satisfy your desire in scorched places, and give strength to your bones; and you will be like a watered garden, like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.”  Only through God’s redemptive process could I go from feeling so burned, to desiring growth in the garden of girls God had placed in my life.

Through Get REAL inChrist, I want to show girls how to give God all their scarred places and allow Him, through His love and grace, to create beauty, especially in those scars that serve as reminders of our wounds and His ongoing healing.

As a public school teacher, cheerleading coach, and through my work at a crisis pregnancy center I realized there were many girls were facing similar issues I had faced as a teen.  I now knew Truth about how to go through those without getting the scars I had received and I needed to be real and share my past to help their future.  Thus, talking at local high schools through the CARE program and the starting of Girls Group at Women’s Resource Center of Hancock County.

Upon relocating to the Indianapolis area what started out as a thank you trip for a wonderful babysitter turned into Get REAL inC!  To read more on that story check out the Divine Debutantes Magazine Article page 12.

I’m grateful that God has brought me joy in a blended family that includes my husband Tim and three children.  Along with all the shoes I wear as a daughter, wife, mom, friend and mentor I also home educate.  We currently live in the Indianapolis area, but I love travelling to Get REAL inC events because I truly believe that in Christ, “it is better to build strong girls than repair broken women.”


REALly Interesting:

I LOVE FLAMINGOS!  My senior year of high school when asked for the yearbook what I was going to do after school I said “Move to Florida and have a flamingo farm.”  I still haven’t moved to Florida but I do have a “flamingo farm.”

Through Sisters in Scriptures I talk about how we are like the beautiful pink flamingo; just like the flamingo gets its beautiful radiant pink color from the nutrients it takes in.  We get our beauty from God’s Word.  When we take it in and allow it to transform us, we have His inner and outer beauty.

So, although I had no idea back then of what God was about to do in my life, He knew.