Has Jesus made you into a new creation? Do you want to share that hope with girls and intentionally pour the truths of God’s word into them to combat the lies of the world? Do you have:
  1. A heart for God
    • has a personal relationship with Christ
    • has a daily walk with the Lord in the Word and prayer
    • has a desire to continue growing spiritually
  2. A heart for Girls
    • demonstrates a burden to help girls grow in Christ
    • demonstrates a willingness to share her life and experiences
    • demonstrates a desire to be a faithful friend encourager
  3. Relational Skills
    • is a good listener and encourager
    • is willing to ask questions
    • is dependable and consistent
    • is an example through her own lifestyle
    • is a source of information

If this sounds like you, we’d love to find out more about you!  Being a REAL Mentor is REALly loving girls where they are, but also loving them enough to give them both REAL truth & grace to not let them stay there.  REAL Mentors focus on building relationships with girls and pointing them to Jesus to help them Get Respected Educated Able Loyal in Christ! ✨Women of all ages, moms, aunts, grandmas – all daughters of the King– will you be who you needed when you were younger? We can’t build strong girls for God’s glory without our REAL Mentors! We’d love for you to fill out our Mentor Application for Consideration below. 

Becoming a Mentor Process:

1. Attend a group of the age you are interested in mentoring 

2. Complete Mentor Application for Consideration (see below)

3. Complete Background Check

4. Interview with the Mentor Coordinators to determine best fit

5. Complete Mentor Training


Mentor Application for Consideration

  • Someone who has or is walking alongside you in your Christian walk & been an accountability partner, mentor or guide.

Do you have questions or want to learn more? Email danika@getrealinc.org or stop in the office!