Through groups, events, and resources girls are encouraged, equipped and empowered to Get Respected, Educated, Able and Loyal in Christ. Be sure to check Get REAL inC Facebook, Instagram, online Calendar, as well as be a part of our emailing list for the latest updates on dates & times!

Groups resume this fall during the week of August 13th, 2018. Join us for summer activities! 

Thursday, June 28: 6th – 12th grade, 6:30-8:30 pm
Camp Reunion Pool Party & Hangout
At Michele Patrick’s House
4823 E. County Road 450 N.
Danville, IN  46122 (southwest side of Brownsburg)
Thursday, July 12: 2nd – 6th grade           TBA
Tuesday, July 24: 7th – 12th grade            TBA

REAL Girls Mentoring Groups:

Groups have been designed to meet the girls where they are in life – developmentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially – and walk them toward maturity through biblical, multi-generational mentoring.

Groups are free of charge and do not require pre-registration. However, girls will need to complete an information sheet with a parent signature at group – or download, print, complete & bring to group HERE: Attendee Info Sheets. Girls can jump in and join us any week! 

  • Lil Sis:  2nd – 4th Grades
    The focus with these young girls is to help them understand their unique design and the importance of having big sisters & role models in their lives who love Jesus. Lil Sis meetings and lessons are led by our middle and high school girls.
  • REAL Friends:  5th – 6th Grades
    At this age, girls are developing an understanding of the importance of REAL Friends – girls who are like-minded and drawing them toward Christlikeness. They are also starting to understand that Jesus is their best friend and the only one who will never fail them. REAL Friends lessons continue to build on the foundation of having individual identity firmly grounded in Christ.
  • REAL Sisters:  7th – 8th Grades
    In middle school, girls are deepening their friendships and creating sisterhoods. They begin to grasp the idea that all Christian girls are sisters in Christ and, regardless of differences, have a special bond that draws them together. They also begin realizing that there are many who are not part of the ‘family of Christ’ and that they have a responsibility toward growing that family by sharing the Gospel. REAL Sisters focuses on the individual and collective body of Christ.
  • REAL Daughters:  9th – 12th Grades
    Once in high school, the girls really begin seeing the brokenness of the world. The focus of this group is to show the girls what it is to be a daughter of Christ – strong, bold and courageous when faced with temptation and walking out the Christian life daily. REAL Daughters spends more time on developing a daily, personal relationship with Christ and a heart for the lost and hurting.