Save the Drama for the Stage  

2018 Class Options 


  • During sign ups you will pick two classes: A Session 1 and a Session 2 class. After you select your classes and pay you will then be directed fill out insurance forms. YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL INSURANCE FORMS ARE COMPLETED. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: you will need your: Doctors name phone number as well as your insurance carrier & policy number to complete sign ups.

**Please be aware that some classes require attendees to be present for the Friday night showcase. Please do not register for these classes if your girl can’t make the Friday night commitment.

**If you have any questions, please contact Sarah at:

Teachers: Aimee Albright 
Find out how to put the drama on the stage instead of in the halls. In this class, you will learn acting tips, techniques and learn a skit to perform at the Friday night showcase. *Must be present for the Showcase, so please consider your commitment level.
Teacher: Celina Borgeling
This fun class will explore various mediums of art and will be a perfect class for the artistically creative camper.
Cake Decorating
Teacher: Chastity Parks  
Who doesn’t love cakes?!  Learn the basics of baking and cake decorating. In this class, you will work with cakes, cookies, cupcakes and different types of icing. Learn different techniques to artistically express yourself in your decorating.
Teacher: Julie Pichon 
Every girl needs to learn how to cook!  …And we all love food!  You will learn cooking basics like measuring, cooking terms, and following recipes, but also how to make wise choices in food as you create healthy snacks, cook a breakfast and prepare a family dinner meal.
Teacher: Jaclyn Moore 
In our Do it Yourself class, you will be focusing on a few Pinterest style projects that can be given as gifts or projects that can be decorations in your room. We are using inexpensive items that can create meaningful gifts that you can recreate again and again.  If you enjoy painting, crafting, and being creative this class is for you!

Learn how to take better pictures with your smart phone/iPod or tablet with camera. This class will focus on camera settings on your device, tips for taking better pictures, lighting, filters, cropping posing, and composition. We’ll also create a style board and talk about finding inspiration for your photos. Girls need to bring their own smart phone/iPod or tablet.

Teacher: Jenny Trent 
Sing to the Lord a new song for He has done marvelous things! Come use your natural gift of voice to praise the Lord through song. While working on developing your voice, we will prepare a song or two to be sung at the showcase.*Must be present for the Showcase, so please consider your commitment level.
Theatre Dance
Teacher: Caitlin Cunningham  
Session 1 – Musical Theatre Dance I (Beginners) 
In this class, you will learn choreography to a song and will perform the dance number in the showcase on Friday. This year’s dance number is to be determined, but previous dance numbers have been to Disney songs or show tunes from popular musicals. This class is designed specifically for girls who are beginners and have little to no previous dance or performing experience. This class will help girls become familiar with the musical theatre dance style and will build their confidence as performers.*Must be present for the Showcase, so please consider your commitment level.*Must be present for the Showcase, so please consider your commitment level.
Tie Dye & String Art
Teachers: Shelby Murphy and Debbie Brantley  
Colors, colors, colors!  This class will be doing two different types of creatively artistic projects:  Learn the art of tie dye & create your own unique designs AND get creative through the wildly popular art form of string art.